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Speedy Salmon & Pea Tagliatelle

Photo of Speedy Salmon & Pea Tagliatelle

150g fresh tagliatelle
80g frozen peas
30g creamy soft cheese
2 tbsp green pesto
170g boneless, skinless salmon fillet

Serves 2


1. If using fresh salmon, roast fillets in the oven for 13-15 mins at 200°C Fan. Remove and flake.

2. Cook the tagliatelle according to the instructions, adding the peas at the appropriate moment.

3. Drain the pasta and peas, reserving a little of the cooking liquid.

4. Add the soft cheese, pesto and salmon to the cooked tagliatelle and peas and stir gently together adding a little of the reserved cooking liquid if necessary to make the sauce creamy.

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