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Perfect Plain Rice

Perfect Plain Rice


Long grain rice measured to the 5 fl oz level in a glass measuring jug
Boiling water, measured to the 10 fl oz level in a glass measuring jug
1 tablespoon oil

Serves 2

1. Heat the oil gently, then add the rice and stir the grains till they're just coated with the warm oil.

2. Add the boiling water (it needs to be just boiled), stir once and put on a tight fitting lid.

3. Turn the heat way down to keep the rice on the gentlest simmer.

4. Go away and leave it alone - don't lift the lid, or stir the rice!!

5. After exactly 15 minutes (with white rice), lift the lid. All the water should have been absorbed and the rice should be tender (test a couple of grains). If you tilt the pan you should see no trace of liquid.

6. If all is well, enjoy ... or you can keep it warm by taking the pan off the heat, covering it with a teatowel or sheet of kitchen roll and replacing the lid lightly.

7. If you still see some water, then return to the low heat with the lid on for another 5 minutes.